Philosophia 15/2017

Fate and Freedom
edited by Evelina Miteva & Gergana Dineva


I. Fate and FreedomPhilosophia_15_2017_Cover-web


Thomas Jeschke, Petrarcas ‚performative‘ Ethik: Anmerkungen zu De remediis utriusque fortunae (ein Lektürevorschlag) [PDF pp. 3-31]

Svetlana Kamdzijas, On Unconditional Freedom (In Vedanta Philosophy And In Similar Western Doctines) [За краjната слобода (во философијата веданта и сродните западни доктрини)] [PDF pp. 32-44]

Robert Burk, The Economics Of Fate And Freedom [PDF pp. 45-50]


Vladimir Drekalovic, Necessity, Possible Worlds and One Axiom of the Ontological Argument [PDF pp. 51-73]

Bistra Gospodinova, Reality and The Plurality Of The Worlds [Действителност и множествеността на световете] [PDF pp. 74-91]


Georgi Gerdgjikov, Freedom and Self-Discipline [Свобода и самодисциплина] [PDF pp. 92-114]

Gabriela Roussinova, Boundary of the Past [Граница на миналото] [PDF pp. 115-136]

II. Continental Philosophy

Alex Kostova, Truth and Representation: The Realist Turn and the Project for a New Ontology [PDF pp. 137-144]

Emmanuel Ofuasia, On the Dearth of God in Aristotle’s Substance Metaphysics: A Process-Relational Riposte [PDF pp. 145-161]

Dijana Nikolova, The Balkans Between East and West. Culture and History Representations and Literature ‘Dialogues’ [Балканите – между Изтока и Запада (културно-исторически репрезентации и литературни „диалози”)] [PDF pp. 162-185]

Philosophy of Photography

Savina Petkova, On Photography Or Concerning the Unicorn [За фотографията или за еднорога] [PDF pp. 186-192]