Gergana Dineva


Academic Biography

MA in Philosophy, 2007
PhD in Medieval Philosophy at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia. Thesis: Metaphysics of the boundary (the boundary as a methodological key to the interpretation of elements in the medieval philosophy and culture)
Current affiliation: Assistant Professor of History of Philosophy at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Main research activities and interests

History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy; Metaphysics; Epistemology.


Société internationale pour l’étude de la philosophie médiévale (S.I.E.P.M.)
European Graduate School for Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (EGSAMP)
Institute for Medieval Philosophy and Culture – Sofia

Major publications


Dineva, G. “Metaphysics of Boundary”, St. Kliment Ohridki University Press, Sofia, 2015, 285 pages, ISBN 978-954-07-3998-4. [in Bulgarian]


Dineva, G. ‘The moral identity of the finite personal being as independent existence. The birth of the concept personalitas’, In: T Bojadjiev, G Kapriev und A Speer (Hrsg.), Archiv für Mittelalterliche Philosophie und Kultur, Heft XXI, Iztok-Zapad, Sofia, 2015, SS. 207-231.
Dineva, G., ‘The Concept “Possibility” and the New Metaphysics of John Duns Scotus – Through “impossibility” to Ontology’. In: T. Boiadjiev, G. Kapriev & A. Speer (eds.), Archive for Medieval Philosophy and Culture, Band XX, Iztok-Zapad, Sofia, 2014, pp. 241-265. [in Bulgarian]
Dineva, G., ‘Cultural Phenomena of the Boundary Within the Christian worldview’, Christianity and Culture, 4 (81)/ 2013, pp. 57-70. [in Bulgarian]
Dineva, G., ‘The revision of the boundary concepts symbol and image in the philosophy of Maximus the Confessor in respect to the works of Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite’, Philosophia 1/2012, pp. 76-89. available at <>
Dineva, G., ‘The Problem of Unique: John Duns Scotus’. In: G. Kapriev (ed.), Nomina essentiant res. In Honour of Prof. Tzotcho Boiadjiev (60th Anniversary), Iztok-Zapad, Sofia, 2011, pp. 311-323. [in Bulgarian]
Dineva, G., ‘The Medieval Sign as a Boundary (Symbols, Words and Gestures as boundary phenomena), Doctoral Studies in Social and Human Sciences, Vol. 1, St. Kliment Ohridki University Press, Sofia, 2010, pp. 123-134. [in Bulgarian]
Dineva, G., ‘Why “God plays dice” or on the Medieval “uncertainty principle”’, World of Physics, ХХХІІ, бр. 3/2009, pp. 337-344. [in Bulgarian]