Mikonja Knežević



Academic Biography 

Phd in Philosophy, Athens (2008): Essence, Person and Energy in the Thought of Gregory Palamas
Current affiliation: Associate Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Prishtina with Temporary Head-Office in Kosovska Mitrovica

Main research activities and interests

Byzantine Theology, Byzantine Philosophy, Reception of Ancient Philosophy in Byzantium, Philosophy and Literature, Philosophy and Film


International Association of Greek Philosophy (Athens)
Philosophical Society of Montenegro (Podgorica)
Center for Hellenic Studies (Podgorica)

Selected Publications


Njegoš and Hesychasm, Belgrade: Institute for Theological Research, Faculty of Orthodox Theology, University of Belgrade 2016. ISBN 978-86-6349-062-8

Edited volumes

The Ways of Byzantine Philosophy, Alham­bra, Ca­li­­for­nia: Sebastian Press 2015.
Politics, Identity, Tradition, Kosovska Mitrovica: Faculty of Philosophy 2015.
Οὐσία, ὑπόστασις, ἐνέργεια. Aspects of Thou­ght of Gregory Palamas, Belgrade: Institute for Theological Research 2013.
Paideia: Education  in the Global Era, vol. I, Athens: Ionia Publications 2008 (with Konstantine Boudouris)
Ἀρχὴ καὶ τέλος. Aspects of Phi­lo­sophical and Theological Thought of Maximus the Confessor, Nikšić 2006 (with Bogoljub Šijaković)


Maximus the Confessor (580-662): Bi­bli­o­gra­phy, Bel­gra­­de: Institute for Theological Research 2012.
Gregory Palamas (1296-1357): Biblio­gra­phy, Bel­gra­de: Institute for Theological Research 2012.

Selected Articles

“Authority and Tradition. The Case of Dionysius Pseudo-Are­opa­gi­te in the Writing ‘On Divine Unity and Distinction’ by Gregory Palamas“, in: Mikonja Kne­žević, ed., The Ways of Byzantine Philosophy, Contemporary Christian thought series 32, Alhambra, California: Sebastian Press 2015, 375–389.
“Ἐκ and διά in ‘Apodictic Treatises on the Procession of the Holy Spirit’ of Gregory Palamas“, in: Constantinos Athanasopoulos, ed., Triune God: Incompre­hen­sible but Knowable – The Philosophical and Theological Significance of St Gregory Pala­mas for Con­­­­temporary Philosophy and Theology, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Pub­li­shing 2015, 264–291.
“Ἐξ ἀμφοῖν. Cyril of Alexandria and the Polemics over Filioque of Gregory Palamas“, Philotheos. International Journal for Philosophy and Theology 15 (2015) 167–194.
“The Order (τάξις) of Persons of the Holy Trinity in ‘Apodictic Tre­a­tises’ of Gregory Palamas“, Philotheos. International Journal for Philosophy and Theology 12, 84–102.