Antoaneta Dontcheva


Academic Biography

MA in Bulgarian Philology, 1989
Master of Arts, 1997
PhD in Comparative Literature, Philosophy of Arts and Semiotics at New Bulgarian University (2006). Thesis: The Dramaturgy of Luigi Pirandello. The Problem of Identity. Subversity of Mimesis.
Current affiliation: Associate professor  of  Sociology of Culture at Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”

Main research activities and interests

Semiotics; Literature; Philosophy of Art


Semiotic Society of America
South-East European Center for Semiotic Studies (EFSS)

Major publications

The Mask – freedom and prison.The problem of identity in the works of Luigi Pirandello, Sofia, East-West, 2007, 216 p.
“The Self and the Other in Western culture of the twentieth century”, Sofia, East-West, 2014, 344 р.