Philosophia 21/2018



I. Medieval Thought

Simeon Mladenov Does the will influence knowledge? Some remarks on Bonaventure’s epistemology [PDF pp. 3–17]

Elitza Kaldramova The importance of will in Peter Abelard’s philosophy [Значението на волята във философията на Пиер Абелар] [PDF pp. 18–25]

II. Contemporary African Thought

Evaristus Chukwudi Ezeugwu, Gregory Emeka Chinweuba The Supreme Being in Igbo Thought: A Reappraisal [PDF pp. 26–47]

Anthony Okeregbe De-globalizing African ‘Truths’: Some Insights from Frantz Fanon et al [PDF pp. 48–66]

III. Critical Thought

Antoaneta Dontcheva Samuel Beckett:  You must say words, until there are any! [PDF pp. 67–76]

Philipp W. Rosemann What is Philosophy? [Що е Философия? Превод от английски Зорница Долева] [PDF pp. 77–94]


Bertrand Russell The Elements of Ethics [Елементи на етиката. Превод от английски Коста Бенчев] [PDF pp. 95–118]