Philosophia 17/2017

Place, Presence, Continuity


Smilen MarkovEditorial [PDF p. 3]

I Place

Anton Kolev, Veronika Desova Space and dwelling. (Towards one thinking of place through the Philosophy of Architecture). [Пространство и обитаване (Към едно мислене на мястото през Философия на Архитектурата)] [PDF pp. 4–15]

II Presence

Hein BerdinesenOn Hans Jonas’ “The Imperative of Responsibility” [PDF pp. 16–28]

Emmanuel Ofuasia, Sonia Elizabeth Okogie-Ojieko A Further Reflection on Martin Heidegger’s Contemplation on Technology within 21st Century Mode of Being. [PDF pp. 29–44]

Valentin Velchev An Attempt At A Mathematical And Logical Proof Of The Existence Of God [PDF pp. 45–69]

III Continuity

Sanjit Chakraborty – The Idea of A Priori Revisited [PDF pp. 70–100]

Alexandre Losev Bergson vs Einstein – History and Books. [Бергсон срещу Айнщайн – история и книги] [PDF pp. 101–126]

Kosta BenchevOn Defining Philosophy and Its Contemporarty Schools Within the Framework of a Continental-Analytical Typology. [Към определението на философията и днешните ѝ школи в една континентално-аналитична типология] [PDF pp. 127–145]